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What is Among Us?

Among Us is an online multiplayer social deduction game that takes place in a space-themed setting where players each take on one of two roles, most being Crewmates, and a predetermined number being Impostors. (Similar to the in-person Mafia game)

It is free to download through a phone’s app store or you can purchase it here from steam 

How does this event work?

Step 1: In order to get the invite link for the game, you must join the DCATS Discord server on your computer or phone and visit the gaming channel at the time of the event. See below or for more information. Discord is a free, anonymous, community forum.

Step 2: Download Among Us in your phone’s App Store for Free, or purchase through steam on a desktop. Your phone/computer will be all you need for the game.

Step 3: When the host starts a game, Among Us private room code will be given through the discord server and you can enter it on your phone. Each game has a limited number of 10 "players" but anyone who joins the game will have a chance after the “imposter” (game player) is rotated out. If you were the “imposter” in the last game and others are waiting, please be courteous and let others join. If we have many people waiting to join the game, multiple games will played simultaneously.

Step 4: Interact with others by speaking over video chat in Discord or using the chat box in Discord/the game.


Event Rules

  1. Please be respectful to others and use folks correct pronouns

  2. Use gender neutral language when addressing the room

  3. Ask permission from people before you DM them

  4. Immediately stop messaging anyone who asks you to

  5. Share personal information at your own risk

  6. If a moderator asks you to cease a conversation for any reason, you must do so.

  7. If you have any concerns, please report them to a moderator. Failure to meet these rules will result in removal from the room

Accessibility Information

Subtitles: No. Game content and instructions appear on the screen.

ASL Interpretation: No, but participants can also communicate via text in the in-game or discord server chatbox.

Noise: Participants control the volume of the game on their computers or phones.

Have questions? Email Colton at

Game Night Instructions

This space is primarily for transmasculine and nonbinary folks. However, we also welcome friends, spouses, and allies of any gender. 


You must join our Discord to get the invite link. Read more below.


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