Social Hour

The next social hours are scheduled March 25th, April 7th, April 20th from 8-10 pm (East Coast Time). See our calendar for the full schedule and a link to attend. 

How does our virtual Social Hour work?

DCATS uses the in-browser app Icebreaker to run our social hours. Go to our calendar and select the event to find the link to join the event.

Folks can join at any time and will enter the main room where they'll have access to a chat box. Short "games" will be launched throughout the event, where participants will be randomly matched with one other person, where you'll be given a list of ice breaker questions to better get to know each other via video chat.

At the end of each game, you'll be asked how the conversation went and if you both think it went well, you'll get an email at the end of the event letting you know how you can connect with them later!


1. The platform is mobile friendly. You can also join on your laptop, tablet, or computer.

2. You must register on the platform to attend. When you click the link to join, it will ask you to register. If you connect with someone, you'll be able to send messages through the platform.

3. If you need captions, you can connect via Chrome and enable auto captions before you join. For more information how to set this up, see this article. For how other accessibility considerations are addressed by the platform, see here

2. You must turn on your video. Unfortunately, the system will not let you join without video turned on.

Social Hour Rules

By joining our event, you agree to the following rules: 


1. You will be respectful to folks at all times. If you have an issue with anyone during a game, you can choose to leave the game and join the main chat room. Then, please send an email to the host at and wait for the next game. 

2. You agree not to police people's identities in the transmasculine room. If someone says they belong there (by entering), we believe them. If you have concerns, please message the host and do not talk to the person about it.

3. You agree not to discuss the following topics: glorification of violence, graphic sexual conversations, suicide or self harm, and illegal activities. If someone is discussing other topics you do not wish to discuss, simply leave that conversation and return to the main room.

4. You agree that you are at least 17 years old.

5. You agree not to ask personal questions about someone's transition without prior consent. (Example: Hey, do you mind if I ask you a question about medical transition?")

6. Add your pronouns to your name when you join the room. (Example: Jamison (he/him)