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Our Story

DCATS (DC Area Transmasculine Society) is a trans-led nonprofit organization that serves to advance the lives of transmasculine folx by providing resources that help overcome the social, economic, and health-related barriers to living authentically. Founded in 1999 as a monthly support group, DCATS has transformed into an organization that offers a variety of services to meet our community's needs.


Transmasculine folx are defined as anyone who was assigned female at birth (AFAB) but believes this is an incomplete or inaccurate description of themselves.

DCATS is a diverse group

The term "transmasculine" is core to the DCATS spirit of inclusiveness and part of our history. We acknowledge, welcome, and celebrate the wide range of transgender identities that our members have.

We recognize the full spectrum of gender identity, sexual identity, and gender expression. We also honor each and every person's use of personal pronouns.

Our Commitment to Accessibility

1) All hosted events are held in fully ADA-compliant, featuring accessible entrances, restrooms, and seating. 


2) We will provide ASL interpreters to any person free of charge, for any event, provided we are contacted two weeks in advance. 


3) Any video showings will always feature subtitles.


4) Accessibility information will be posted in the description of any event we host or are affiliated with. 


5) Web and social media content will follow accessibility guidelines, inclusing the use of alt text.


If you have any questions or concerns, please email

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