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Support Meetings

Note: All meetings have moved online for the foreseeable future. See more details here.

DCATS support meetings take place once a month and are facilitated by a DCATS member. We strive for our meetings to be safe spaces. We respect the identity and personal background of all present. Meetings are open to those that are transmasculine only (assigned female at birth but identify as something else) or those that are questioning. 


While meetings begin with a topic, the discussion is open and participation is not required. You can check the calendar to view the topic for a particular meeting. Meetings do not have a minimum age criteria, but some meeting topics may not be appropriate for those under 13 years old. 

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The support group meets on the second Sunday of every month from 5 to 7 PM (check calendar to confirm). Meeting times and locations may change for special events but will be posted well in advance. Typically a group will walk to Stoney's (a restaurant nearby) to continue socializing after the meeting. Meetings are held at the Whitman-Walker 14th St Health Center,1525 14th St NW,

Washington, DC 20009.

Be sure to check the calendar or the subscribe to our mailing list for updates. All meetings are also posted on our Facebook page. 

With such a wide membership base, our monthly discussion and support topics

span an equally broad range.

Our ongoing and fluctuating list of topics often includes:

  • Questioning Gender Identity: The process of self-discovery and self-acceptance.

  • Hormones: Living with testosterone and without testosterone. Medical, social, and psychological implications of testosterone.

  • Coming Out and Coping: A safe place to talk about fears about coming out (or not

  • to come out) and explore options. How have other people done it? How did people react to various approaches and outcomes?

  • Trans in the Workplace: Employment issues and options.

  • Surgery: For those pre- and post- op. Sharing choices, experiences, challenges, surprises, aftercare, and feelings. 

  • Life "After" Transition: Long-term transition issues, such as managing your past, healthcare, longevity, and integrating the past and present.

  • Spirituality: Religion, beliefs, and gender identity.

  • Dating and Sexuality: Discussions that include any and all sexualities.

  • Living in the Gray: Gender fluidity and identifying as genderqueer.

Time & Location


HIPS Syringe Exchange

In partnership with HIPS, we provide a free syringe exchange at every DCATS meeting. You do not need to give needles/syringes to receive them, but receiving your used supplies is how we are able to maintain inventory so it is highly encouraged. You may want to contact us in advance to ensure we have your needle size. You do not need to provide ID or information about yourself to participate in the exchange program.

Binder Exchange

If you have a binder to donate, you may drop them off during our meeting. Please wash your binders before donating and put them in a bag with a note indicating the size and brand, if possible.

If you're interested in receiving a donated binder, please fill out an application in advance.  We will email you to confirm we've received your application. If you have any questions, please email us at


DCATS seeks to be as accessible as possible for all of our members. Meetings will always be held in a space that is ADA compliant and we are always happy to accommodate a member or potential member's needs.

Gender neutral or single-stall restrooms? Yes

Accessible to wheelchairs, walkers, and mobility aids? Yes

Interpreters? By request only. Please request by emailing us at two weeks prior.

Lighting? [Bright, Dim, Dark, etc.] Bright, standard indoor lighting.

Sound Level? [Loud, Quiet, Possible sirens, etc.] Quiet, conversational.

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