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Needle Exchange

How does it work?

Bring your used needles/syringes to our monthly support meetings and we will give you new ones.  If you need more than a 2 month supply, please contact us in advance to make sure we have enough stock. You can also bring your needles/syringes to dispose of without advance notice if you do not need to exchange. Please bring used needles/syringes in a hard, sealed container. We carry 1ml and 3ml syringes, 18G, 21G and 25G needles. If you need a receptible to dispose your needles, we often have them available free of charge at meetings.








Can I only bring/receive needles used for HRT?

No. We do not ask any questions about the use of the needles/syringes. We also do not require you to fill out an application or give us any information about yourself. However, we are most likely to have an inventory of needles/syringes typically used for hormone injections.


Why should I give DCATS my used needles?

DCATS partners with HIPS to conduct its syringe exchange program. The amount of used needles they collect is directly related to their funding. 

Do we schedule pickups of needles from your home?

DCATS doesn't schedule pickups, but you can contact HIPS directly to coordinate exchange and will often come to you. However, you must reside in DC for this service. 

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