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Binder Exchange: How to Help

Donating Binders
If you have a binder to donate, please fill out this form to get shipping information.
You can also drop off your binder at any of our partner locations or you can bring binder donations to any DCATS' events.
If you are an organization or surgeon's office that would like to set up a collection site and become a partner to collect binders for our proram, please read and fill out this form for more information. 

Monetary Donations
For just $5 you can pay the shipping costs to help one person in need to obtain a binder, battle dysphoria, boost their confidence, and stop unsafe binding methods.

All donations are tax-exempt and can be sent
the following ways:

1. Setup one-time or reoccurring donations using your card or Paypal
2. Venmo (@DCATSociety)
3. Other (contact us)

Or you can see our Amazon list and help us purchase supplies.

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