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Community Health Forum


Health Forum

Hosted by DCATS and Grindr for Equality (G4E)

SEPTEMBER 8th, 12-5 PM

WHITMAN-WALKER, DC (14th Street)

Want to help inform research and policy around sexual health for trans folks?


Join DCATS and Grindr for Equality (G4E) for a community health forum at Whitman-Walker on September 8th. Participants will come together to tell their stories around their health and wellness, and create priorities to address in their advocacy work moving forward in the DC/MD/VA area. This forum is open to trans, nonbinary, and other gender expansive folks in the DMV area.

We particular encourage folks who work in/advocate for/are passionate about: sexual health, HIV, PrEP, and general health issues in the community.


To apply, click here. The deadline is August 17th at 12 pm.



  • Lunch and meet & greet, 12-1 pm 

  • 1-5 pm, Community forum (with breaks)



  • $100 Visa gift card

  • Free lunch


  • Share skills and envision community-led work in trans and non-binary sexual health

  • Resulting data and insights owned by the community 

  • Creation of a public final report to share with local leaders, politicians, health care providers, and activists to move the fight forward


Project Background

The fight to live a healthy life is a long and difficult one for trans and nonbinary people. Our communities, our wellbeing, and our very bodies are under attack. The time to mobilize around trans health, and particularly trans sexual health, is here with the trans community finding itself adversely impacted by HIV, intimate partner violence, and a lack of trans-inclusive sexual health information. However, due to a lack of research on trans and non-binary sexual health, the ability to mobilize about our concerns often fall to the wayside.


Grindr for Equality (G4E) wants to be part of changing that. Together with an advisory team of trans experts in sexual health and wellness, G4E will work with trans and nonbinary communities through the U.S. to host a series of forums around the country.  The goal of each of these forums is to find out what sexual health issues are important to trans people and how to mobilize around them. 

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